Coast To Coast: CD
  • Coast To Coast: CD
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As the title suggests, "Coast to Coast" is in fact a musical journey. My goal with this CD is to bring listeners some of the many different styles of fiddle playing in Canada, province by province. To achieve this, I have hand selected some the greatest fiddle players in Canada to perform duets with me. Each of these players are all masters in their own style, and have enjoyed very successful musical careers. We have done our best to stay true to each style, including the background musicianship and instruments incorporated in each tune. I’ve taken a collection of everyone’s favorite fiddle standards, and added some of my own flavor and interpretations of each song. My hope is that this unique project will please listeners abroad, and introduce others to styles and tunes they may not be as familiar with. From British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, we all have our own way of performing tunes that have been past on from generation to generation, so sit back, tap, hum, and play along, as you take a musical journey across Canada's fiddling styles.

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